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Since 1992, Trust Network has successfully brought manufacturers and brand owners in the musical instrument and professional audio industry together with great distributors.


Using our in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing international network of decision makers we establish your brand with trusted distributors and re-sellers well suited to your product.

We work with all sizes of companies, from small and medium enterprises to some of the most established names
in the industry...

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Our Approach


A genuine passion for the music and sound industry plus in-depth knowledge of its international sales networks make Trust Network a precision tool for getting your brand to market.  Our approach combines professional research and top-flight sales presentation to identify and enthuse suitable distributors and resellers for your product.  Our business analyses form the basis of mutual agreements between you and them to bring your brand to market with the commitments necessary for it to gain traction in export territories.



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Harvey Levy - Vice President, Levy’s Leathers Limited, Canada.

"The first thing that impressed me was the level of professionalism Trust Network brought to the task. Their language skills and diplomatic style made me very comfortable in allowing them to conduct a search on my behalf. Trust Network would burn no bridges. Their insistence that the search take place in an atmosphere of openness fit well with how I thought the search should be done. The search was conducted over a period of three months and I was amazed at the firm’s ability to maintain an objective attitude throughout the process. Candidates got an equal opportunity to present their qualifications and in the end I had the information I needed to make an intelligent choice. In the end I knew more about the specific market place in which the search was conducted, the potential for growth and the number of potential distributors than I could have discovered on my own."


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