Our Brand Promise

Our passion for all things music and sound that are the beating heart of the MI and pro audio industry drives our will to get your product to market and deliver its benefits to providers and consumers.

We use our in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing international network of decision makers to establish your brand with trusted distributors and re-sellers well suited to your product.


We apply our enthusiasm, tenacity and sheer hard work to have your brand gain traction in export countries through the mutual commitments that you and your new partners make to building the sales of your product.


Our expertise in articulating a brand's strengths, supported by our professional market analysis, helps distributors and re-sellers gain the confidence necessary in the robustness of your product's business proposition for them to invest in it.


If it's required, we guide you through branding and marketing so that desire is raised for your product throughout the supply chain.


Bringing together the interests of you and your distributors we promise to do our utmost to provide an honest, value-driven service, with integrity, with enthusiasm for the potential of your mutual business together, and to complete in an efficient time-scale.