Case Study: Hardcase, UK

Hardcase revolutionised the drum case market with its moulded plastic design offering many times the protection and longevity of what had been available until then in cases for drums.



The Challenge

  • Drum cases were a commodity product with no tradition of brand culture.  Could distributors be persuaded to invest in building brand loyalty to help justify the unavoidably higher prices?
  • The cheaper long-established materials from drum cases had always been seen as adequate.  Could distributors be persuaded there was a market worth investing in where consumers would see a need for greater, more expensive, protection?
  • Because of the big shipping volume of drum cases, could distributors be persuaded to invest in large consignments to achieve economic landed costs of an unproven new product?




Trust Network:

  • Carried out its first distribution project in Germany.  This resulted in strong opening business.
  • Repeated this success in three other countries: Italy, Spain and Australia.
  • Was then asked by Hardcase to roll out a world-wide distributor programme.




  • Hardcase distributed in over 20 countries
  • Export sales grew to 80% of total Hardcase turnover
  • The Hardcase brand became an international market leader


“Trust Network has delivered top quality people to handle HARDCASE, not only in the highly competitive and crowded distribution channels of Europe, but also in some of the most difficult and commercially risky parts to the globe, like South America. The tenacity and sheer hard work of Trust Network keeps putting in place companies that have us come into their markets with a high level of inventory and marketing commitment.”

Mr Derrick Round. Managing Director, Hardcase Ltd.