"I was immediately impressed that Brendan Murray and his team did not immediately say yes they would represent me. This was my first clue that they meant business. It was clear that to take me on as a client they needed to know a great deal about our company and, without saying no directly, that we were worth fighting for. After what felt like exhaustive research on their part we had an agreement for them to represent Dream Cymbals in acquiring new distribution partners in key markets accross the EU where we had openings. This process was intense but quickly accomplished and by the winter NAMM show we were in business.

I am please to say we accomplished our goals quickly and more thoroughly than I would have ever imagined.

The Trust Network were, and will continue to be, trusted partners in the growth of Dream Cymbals into a worldwide brand. They never waisted time, they were exceptionally detail orientated and extremely tenatious in representing us, but always with the manners and grace one has come to expect in doing business at the top levels of our industry.

I would strongly recommend their services to any company looking to expand their reach in the music industry, or to network with a new idea or proposal. Frankly their 'Trust Network' name is quite apt. They depend on the trust of both their clients and the prospective distributor that what they are proposing is accurate and in the best interest of everyone involved.

The Trust Network has earned my deep respect, gratitude and most important, my trust. I trusted them with the future of my company in the EU. They delivered."

Andy Morris, President. Dream Cymbals & Gongs Inc.

Drum Cymbals distribution Europe

"Brendan Murray gives meaning to the term Trust Network. He researches, analyzes, develops and negotiates with seriousness, rigor and the utmost professionalism, always on the premise of providing the greatest benefit to the brand and to the distributor. LIVE WITH PASSION is the motto of RightOn! straps. We believe that passion is the inexhaustible energy that leads to results which at first seem unattainable. And we were lucky to find a company who, like us, lives and works with passion. Trust Network knows the market, analyzes the possibilities, proposes alternatives and achieves the objectives. Undoubtedly, we will count on their knowledge and good work to further expand our business."

Toni Gil, CEO. RightOn! guitar straps.

RightOn guitar straps distribution USA Canada

"Seeing and personally witnessing the amount of power and commitment the Trust Network team put into tackling a project was a great experience. Maximum professionalism! The name says it all: Trust Network - a great networking company in our industry. If I ever needed to, I wouldn't hesitate to call on them again."

Detlef Boergermann, Managing Driector. Schlagwerk cajons and wood instruments.


“Nady Systems began working with Trust Network about two years ago. When we initially heard about the services that Trust Network provides, we were intrigued but sceptical. Based on past experience, we believed that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to pull off an arrangement wherein we could employ an outside agent who could effectively establish and maintain our distribution network throughout Europe and, in doing so, represent our company's best interests abroad. From our point of view, there were many hurdles to overcome before we could comfortably do this. Ironically, perhaps our biggest obstacle to overcome was the element of trust, and the fact that "trust" happens to be Trust Network's first name did not, unfortunately, convince us! However, having now had the benefit of working closely with the Company for 2 years, I must say that they could not have chosen a better name for their company. It has been a great pleasure working with the Trust Network team. They are not only very diligent, extremely thorough and detail oriented, but have an excellent understanding of the European market overall as well as a strategic, thoughtful, and savvy approach to international distribution. Trust Network knows who the important players are and, in our experience, uses good judgment in selecting and setting up appropriate distribution."

Toby Nady, Vice President & International CEO. Nady Systems Inc. California, USA – wireless systems and audio equipment.


“I would be pleased to share my very positive opinion of your abilities.”

Mr Alan Poster. President, Reunion Blues.

Reunion Blues guitar cases distribution

"We began a project at the beginning of September 2001 with Trust Network, to assist us in appointing a distributor in the USA for our MI protection and Transportation Systems. We soon discovered to our satisfaction, that Trust Network's service and experience was on a number of unexpected, diverse planes that included:

  • Very much “on the ground” up to date market information both at trade and
  • Clear and precise communication with interested parties generated by Trust Network was at a very high level. These included company proprietors, directors and individuals within the prospects brought to us by Trust Network. This incorporated investment opportunity, product benefits and marketplace positioning.
  • We experienced a feeling of trust with sensitive company information whilst working with Trust Network.
  • Trust Network played a key role in our eventual appointment of a distributor for our products in the United States.

We would have no hesitation in using Trust Network again in the future."

Tommy Armstrong, Director, Protection Racket Ltd – drum & percussion cases.


"You have succeeded in some difficult domains with methods that we do not master within our usual environment, and this has been profitable to our company. Excellent work and achievements."

Patrice Congard, Sales & Marketing Director, L-Acoustics, France - professional audio loudspeakers and sound reinforcement systems.


"Excellent results!"

Kate Clinch, Director of Chevin Research Ltd, UK - professional power amplifiers.

"Great Results, High Integrity, Creative.

Brendan helped me establish key distribution partners throughout Scandinavia. Brendan is results driven, fastidious in his preperation, focused on delivering the objective and at all times professional in his approach"

Mr Martin Hartwell, Managing Director of Aria UK - Aria Guitars.

Aria guitar distribution

"Our trust in The Trust Network was repaid with one of the most impressive and rewarding achievements in the career of our young company to date. The task of market analysis and the securing of the best possible deal for our product in a foreign market proved to be of a most superior standard."

Steve Smith, Sales Manager of GAE Audio Engineering, Germany - professional audio loudspeaker and sound reinforcement systems.

An excellent candidate selection process and attention to detail.  Trust Network carried out the brief in a very thorough way.  They treated our product like it was their own business – an impressive and very reassuring attitude.”
Sarah Shreve, Vice President of Sales, Freehand Systems Inc.



"The first thing that impressed me was the level of professionalism Trust Network brought to the task. Their language skills and diplomatic style made me very comfortable in allowing them to conduct a search on my behalf. Trust Network would burn no bridges. Their insistence that the search take place in an atmosphere of openness fit well with how I thought the search should be done. The search was conducted over a period of three months and I was amazed at the firm’s ability to maintain an objective attitude throughout the process. Candidates got an equal opportunity to present their qualifications and in the end I had the information I needed to make an intelligent choice. In the end I knew more about the specific market place in which the search was conducted, the potential for growth and the number of potential distributors than I could have discovered on my own."

Harvey Levy- Vice President, Levy's Leathers Limited, Canada. Guitar straps and gig bags


"Personable, Expert, On Time.

Brendan conducted research in the US market for G7th Ltd. His approach was systematic, and the results were well presented and delivered on time. We would happily engage his services again if required"

Mr Noel Sheehan. Managing Director, G7th - The Capo Company, UK.

G7th Capo guitar accessory distribution

"Trust Network has delivered top quality people to handle HARDCASE, not only in the highly competitive and crowded distribution channels of Europe, but also in some of the most difficult and commercially risky parts to the globe, like South America. The tenacity and sheer hard work of Trust Network keeps putting in place companies that have us come into their markets with a high level of inventory and marketing commitment."

Mr Derrick Round. Managing Director, Hardcase Ltd.


“We selected The Trust Network to help us develop our distribution in the United States. From the outset we found them to be highly professional and they took a real interest in our product and wanted to know everything about it. Their knowledge of the US market and the various key players therein was encyclopaedic. The Company also helped us enormously to understand the US product pricing model so that we could get our base price right so that we, the distributors and the retailers would achieve their desired margin whilst keeping control of the end consumer price. The Trust Network represented us at NAMM in 2013 and successfully established business relations with four major national distributors (Connolly Music, American Way Marketing, Harris-Teller and Hanser Music) leading to our first bulk orders to the US. We attended NAMM ourselves in 2014 to follow up the initial work done by The Trust Network and all the distributors were positive about the product and we are working with them all to further establish the product throughout the US. I would recommend The Trust Network to anyone in the music industry wanting to establish themselves in any part of the world."

Michael Moody, Managing Director. Swipe Worldwide Limited. The Swipe.

The Swipe musical accessories distributors

"We are very happy with our choice of Trust Network. Now we have distribution in the USA, UK, Japan, New Zealand, Thailand and still counting."

Graham Lyons of Nuvo Instrumental



“We are very proud to know and believe in Trust Network by experience... they took us and our products very seriously, encouraged us to proceed in rough seas, and, HURRAGH! what a great success!”
Udo Rösner.  Managing Director of AER.




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