Case Study: AER, Germany

Today AER is a global brand leader in amplifiers for acoustic instruments. When first launched, their technology was a step-change to what had previously been available to solve live performance amplification issues for acoustic musicians.



AER-10th-anniversayThe Challenge

  • German engineering and new technology meant high prices.  Could AER compete internationally?
  • AER was still a young company.  Could distributors be persuaded to take on this little known product at unheard of prices?
  • The brand needed distributors with the marketing skills to effectively sell its high-end story.  Could they be found?
  • As well as expensive, the product and its market were considered niche.  Could distributors be persuaded it was possible to gain the Return On Investment from the capital needed to introduce the brand and build its sales to the required levels?




Trust Network:

  • Conducted price research in three major European markets.  We established the brand could compete
  • Helped AER prepare better for export sales and marketing
  • Identified which export markets to target first in expanding their distribution




aer-awardThe Recognition

  • On its tenth anniversary AER presented Trust Network with a special award for its role in the AER brand’s early international growth
  • AER has continued to engage Trust Network.  In 2008 and 2009 AER hired the Company to review their distribution in Japan and North America.  This resulted in Kikutani of Japan and SF Marketing of Canada and Musiquip of the USA beginning with the brand.




“We are very proud to know and believe in Trust Network by experience... they took us and our products very seriously, encouraged us to proceed in rough seas, and, HURRAGH! what a great success!”
Udo Rösner.  Managing Director of AER.