Stetsbar had for some time established an enviable growth record within its own resources but saw the need for a step-change in its modus operandi to take the brand to the next level.  They engaged Trust Network to help them do just that.  Trust Network undertook the in-market research to identify suitable distributors for the product.  They then managed a process of discussions with those companies that concluded with two of the biggest operators in America's guitar parts market, Allparts and WD, taking on the line, plus a young company in Canada, TruNorth, joining them to provide in-depth coverage of North America.


In what continues to be challenging economic times where the market is naturally more risk-averse, it has been particularly satisfying to secure such top class distribution for the relatively 'new kid on the block', Stetsbar.  Innovation is the true driver of growth.  And Stetsbar brings to the tremolo market a level of innovation that can open it up significantly.  It's a tribute too to the insight of Allparts, WD and TruNorth that they recognised Stetsbar's attributes and have invested in them.  Getting great innovators to market in a bigger way to grow the industry by bringing them together with such quality re-sellers who can magnify their impact on the business is often what we do.


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