TTN brokers Aer deal in Japan

Andy Barrett from MI Pro, Oct 24 2008 - Read Original Article

German acoustic specialist broadens in far east



Brendan Murray’s The Trust Network (TTN) has successfully brokered another deal for the German acoustic amplifier manufacturer, Aer, for an exclusive distribution deal in Japan through the Kikutani Music Co of Nagoya (Aer is distributed in the UK through Westside).


The project required TTN to research Japan for suitable importers, handle all the approach work and negotiations with all parties, and bring discussions to a point where they and Aer could meet to make well-informed mutual decisions about committing to each other for the long term. The work was completed by the end of September.


“The beauty of our industry is that it still deals with people, their desires and dreams, both music performers and music listeners,” commented Udo Roesner, Aer’s MD (pictured right with Murray). “As manufactures, we have the pleasure to support the musicians around the world with equipment that enables them to express themselves and their emotions in a very real way.


The beauty about co-operating with TTN is that they know about all this from the beginning. They work like a catalyst between product, market and people.  TTN is also a most critical partner in identifying product value and potential. Last but not least, they take the role of devil’s advocate in order to assist in decision-making.”


“Outside of America, Japan is still the world’s biggest export market for music products with around $3 billion in sales, so we are delighted to have been able to perform this service for such a great product as Aer and have such a great company as Kikutani commit to them for the long term,” added Murray.