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Setting up distribution in smaller countries can be a real challenge as they can often be too small to take FCLs (Full Container Loads) from the manufacturer. This can lead to high landed costs and restricted availability.  The high landed costs risk putting local retail prices so high that sales are lost to larger neighbouring territories which can offer lower retail prices because they can achieve lower landed costs.  The restricted availability reduces the range on offer, which lowers the size of market share the brand can take.  It also causes supply interruptions to the dealers. 




For Aria in Norway and Sweden, all these issues existed.  The question was how to have distributors in these small Scandinavia countries handle Aria’s large range of electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic guitars and acoustic basses. 




The solution was to use Aria’s wholly’ owned subsidiary in the UK as a distribution base, setting up companies in Scandinavia to act as local sub-distributors supplying the retail stores.  The UK’s low landed costs from their FCL imports would be passed on.  The full range of Aria would be available from the UK warehouse.


Trust Network was tasked with putting the Scandinavian partners in place and securing their orders.  Following our research to identify suitable distributors and handling all the negotiations with them, we succeeded in setting up distribution for Aria in Norway and Sweden.