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carlsbro amplifier distribution - asia 


Distribution countries

Thailand  |  Indonesia  |  Australia  |  Singapore  |  Malaysia  |  Philippines  |  Brazil  |  Italy  |  USA  



Trust Network and Carlsbro first worked together to reconstruct the Asian distribution of Carlsbro amplifiers, outside of Japan.  The countries we were engaged to established new distribution were; Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia. This required a 3-week visit to Asia to carry out research and marketing, taking in the PALM audio show.


After some months, the Trust Network successfully established distribution of guitar amps, bass amps, keyboard amps, acoustic guitar amps, power amps, powered mixers and loudspeakers for Carlsbro. 


The Managing Director of Carlsbro at the time stated, “It’s a fantastic result (referring to a 795% sales increase in the nominated markets).  We knew we had the products, and just needed to sort out quality distribution.  The Trust Network was the solution to that and they’ve done a great job”.