NAMM honours The Trust Network

“NAMM is honored to recognize the Trust Network for their 25 years in business and in service to both the music products industry and to their community,” noted Lamond. “The Trust Network has demonstrated the perseverance and passion to stand the test of time, inspire countless others and create a more musical world for the benefit of all.” 
NAMM award
Joint-Founder and Managing Director, Brendan Murray stated: “When we founded the Trust Network in 1992 our aim was to provide manufacturers and brand owners in our music and sound industries with specialist knowledge, experience and skills that secured highly suitable distributors for their products in international territories.  We wanted to help them avoid the political, pricing and marketing pitfalls that can so hamper steady, profitable growth in a company’s global sales and brand awareness.  The aim was to achieve this by bringing them together with the right people and resellers who were right for their products.  After 25 years of executing projects in almost every country in the world and maintaining a success rate throughout that time of over 93% in putting distributors in place for our clients, we’ve had the privilege of delivering on that aim for some of the industry’s best young innovators and some of its biggest brands.”
Today the Trust Network has developed into a resource that not only puts international distributors in place for its  clients but also helps prepare companies to succeed in the global market.  The Trust Network provides input and action on the realities of what it takes to achieve sell-in to the supply chains and sell-through to the customers.
Whatever your company’s needs in these areas, no matter the size of your  company, the Trust Network has 25 years of proven success to contribute hugely to those needs.