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First, we spent two days at the Schertler factory in Switzerland, close to the Italian boarder, learning what we needed to know about the product, marketing and Company to do our work.  Second, from what we learned we created an Insight document that crystallised the essence of Schertler.  This document we used in the early stages of our approach work to the UK distributors.  It enabled them to quickly get an accurate understanding of Schertler and what was special about their products.


Third, we began our UK market research to identify suitable partners to distribute Schertler.  It became clear from our research that the brand needed three distributors, not one.  This was because the Schertler product range of high quality transducers perfectly served three very different markets:


     1.The mainstream MI market for acoustic guitars and other mainstream acoustic instruments.

     2.The classical stringed instrument market

     3.The studio market


As well as recognising the need and the opportunity of having specialist distributors selling into each market, Trust Network also carried out all the work to make it happen.  We did the spade work to find, approach and negotiate with a selection of suitably qualified distributors in each sector.  Although this tripled the work load, our fees remained the same.  So the value we delivered for our client was even higher than normal. 


Trust Network completed the project with three UK distributors selling the Schertler products into the three separate markets.