Trust Network delivers US distribution success for The Swipe with Harris-Teller

With their consistent high order-fill and fast deliveries on their offering of near-30,000 items as their expertise, Harris-Teller are one of America’s strongest suppliers in the accessories market. Their reach to music stores coast-to-coast in the States is second to none. As such they were an ideal target for Trust Network to partner with The Swipe.


The Swipe’s innovative idea as a chemical-free string cleaner and instrument polisher means it can sell across the stringed instrument markets of classical, folk and mainstream guitar. Plus it sells to repairers, restorers, luthiers and instrument makers. Such a wide market coverage is well-matched to Harris-Teller’s vast network of dealers in all of these markets. “We are proud to have put the two companies together”, said Brendan Murray of Trust Network.



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