“In perhaps the worst trading times in living memory, bringing an unheard of brand into one of the most brand-centred audio markets – microphones – is a real challenge”, said Brendan Murray of the Trust Network.
However, playing to one of Lewitt’s many strengths where they combine truly impressive and innovative flagship models in professional recording and percussion mics with well spec’d, well-priced handhelds for the MI and cross-over markets, the opportunity arose from the unique network of distributors that the Trust Network has built up over 20 years to have specialists in both fields handle the brand.

“We are delighted to have brought Sonic8 and Sutherland together with Lewitt”, continued Murray.  “Few have the reputation of Steve Helm, MD of Sonic8, in the UK’s pro audio field when it comes to mics.  And as for Sutherland’s coverage of the MI stores and the quality of their relationships with them (voted Best Supplier in recent years), they’ve now become one of the top UK independent distributors under Gareth Jones’ years of leadership.  Dealers can now buy Lewitt microphone knowing the brand is being promoted in all the right professional spheres through Sonic8’s efforts and is readily available and fully supported across both pro and MI by them and Sutherland Trading.”

To find out how the Trust Network can establish distribution for your pro audio or MI products through re-sellers anywhere in the world, go to our contact page and get in touch.  We look forward to hearing from you.