Trust Network makes it FOUR distributors for The Swipe in the USA!

The Swipe has been designed to work with almost every stringed instrument from the more modern guitar, to the oldest handmade violin. Trust Network was given the task of sourcing US distribution for the musical instrument cleaner in each of the main markets The Swipe sells to: mainstream guitar; folk instruments; classical instruments. Connolly Music’s completes this mission. Through the work of Trust Network The Swipe now has:


    1. Connolly Music covering the bowed instrument market 
    2. Hanser Group covering the folk, electric and acoustic guitar sectors
    3. American Way Marketing covering classical strings and wind instrument markets
    4. Harris-Teller as a comprehensive reinforcement to all these sectors

Geographically the USA is covered too by this combination of distributors with the mix including distribution centres in the West Coast, the Mid-West and the East Coast of America.

To find out how Trust Network can establish distribution for your MI or pro audio products through well-matched re-sellers anywhere in the world, get in touch via our contact page.