Trust Network Opens 8 Countries in 9 Months for TronicalTune


Tronical Logo

First launched at Musik Messe 2013, TronicalTune by Tronical of Germany ( is a radical product in an ultra-conservative market.


As it is also a new concept, it needs to be introduced and explained. This requires distributors with the necessary skills and capital to invest

their time and resources to do so.


Having such assets deployed to launch such a product during such tough economic times when companies are more risk-averse, adds to the challenges in setting up the distribution. All these challenges have been fully met by Trust Network.


We began with the UK, bringing Tronical together with Westside Distribution – one of the Top-5 distributors in the British music industry. Examples of the other quality distributors appointed during that time are Kikutani in Japan and Voerman in Benelux.


In total we have so far established Tronical with quality distributors in eight countries in only nine months. 


To find out how Trust Network can establish distribution for your MI or pro audio products, please get in touch via our contact page.