Trust Network opens up over 20 countries with top distributors for the Nuvo Clarinéo in its first full year of trading

Trust Network has now established the Nuvo Clarinéo in over 20 countries worldwide.


"From Thailand to Texas, we have been able to make the Clarinéo available through some of the industry’s top distribution companies.  St Louis Music in America, Algam in France, the Monzino Group in Italy, Enrique Keller in Spain, Kyoritsu in Japan, Cosmos in Korea, and Tomandwill – one of the UK’s most go-ahead distributors - are just some of the quality firms Trust Network has agreed the sales and marketing investments with for Nuvo”, confirmed Brendan Murray, MD of Trust Network.


He elaborated further: “As well as the width and quality of the distribution Trust Network has established for the Clarinéo, it’s been particularly pleasing overcoming the widespread mindsets in the more traditional parts of the industry that can too easily mis-understand where the Clarinéo is coming from and the immense impact it can have on expanding music making.  To be able to win major inventory and marketing commitments by top international distributors for what in many ways is a new musical instrument - with all the extra challenges that means for those introducing it to their countries - is a measure of what Trust Network is capable of.”


Graham Lyons of Nuvo confirmed, “We are very happy with our choice of Trust Network”, and they were, “still counting”, the territories coming onboard as Trust Network continued to expand Clarinéo’s export sales.


Do you want great distributors for your product worldwide?  Contact Trust Network at this email address ( or ring + 44 1633 441361.