Trust Network’s early work for Nuvo pays dividends

Nuvo Clarineo Musical Instrument Distribution

“I'm certainly happy that we waited for Artis to come on board…. (they) are (a) most professional and dedicated distributor and have given us great up front commitment”, said Max Clissold, joint owner of Nuvo. 


Trust Network was able to establish the vision for Nuvo’s potential with the decision makers at Artis and Meyer.  The way in which Trust Network introduced Nuvo’s first product, the Clarinéo, to Musik Meyer/Artis Music overcame the misconceptions and concerns many traditionalists had towards Nuvo’s innovative solution to enabling children to begin playing reed instruments from six years old.  Normally they have to wait until they’ve  grown enough to handle the instruments at age 11 or 12.  The timing wasn’t right for Artis Music to begin at that point and Nuvo had work to do to establish themselves more firmly as a manufacturer.  But both aspects came together through 2013, leading Artis Music and Musik Meyer to invest seriously in Nuvo and launch at Musik Messe 2014.


This is further building by Nuvo on the 20 countries in which Trust Network established distribution for them in their first full year of trading, having also helped the Company prepare for their market launch.  See the full story here.