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Lewitt microphone distribution USA



Lewitt microphone distribution 


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This project involved a visit to Lewitt in Vienna, to spend a couple of days with the key personnel learning about their products, marketing and Company.  Next, we produced the Insight document which crystallised the essence of the products and the brand. 


Research was then begun on the American market.  This was in 2011.  The USA was experiencing its deepest recession in living memory.  The fallout from Wall Street in 2008 had now hit Main Street big time.  In addition, the microphone market was (and is still) dominated by one iconic brand and a few other very strong lines.  We were attempting to establish distribution for Lewitt in the back yard of the iconic market leader whilst the economic crisis in Europe threatened the collapse of a major export market for American industry. 


Altogether, this produced a state of inertia in the US market.  Resistance to investing in the introduction of a new mic brand was high.


Nevertheless, Trust Network created two distributor options for Lewitt.  They included agreement on six-figure opening order commitments.  Arrangements were made for the CEO of Lewitt to meet with the distributors personally.  The choice for US distributor was finalised soon afterwards and American distribution was established.