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Protection Racket had become a market leader in drum bags in its home market, the UK.  They wanted to become a global player and decided that being distributed in the USA was crucial to that ambition.  Protection Racket engaged Trust Network to achieve US distribution for them.


Work began in October.  Trust Network spent some days at the Protection Racket factory in Cornwall, UK, understanding what it was about the product and its marketing that had given it such a strong position in the drum market in quite a short time.  We go through this process at the start of first projects for all new clients.  It ensures that the distributors we approached become well-informed about the product.  This in turn makes sure that when a distributor is appointed they are very knowledgeable on the fundamental aspects of the product, and therefore how best to market it in their territory.


Research was then begun into the American drum market to identify percussion distributors.  A short list was created by Trust Network of drum and percussion importers.  The decision makers in all of them were approached.  We handled all the discussions and negotiations.  In the end, Big Bang Distribution of California was brought together with Protection Racket, beginning with an full container load delivery. 


Such was the success of this partnership established by Trust Network that Big Bang Distribution and Protection Racket worked together for over ten years.  During that time Protection Racket’s US sales grew to a very high level.  Eventually, the brand was ready for the next step in its route to the top of the percussion case business.  It was then taken up by Kaman, the largest MI distributor in America.