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AER was several years in America working through the same distributor. Sales growth was lagging behind the rest of the world, yet the acoustic market was growing strongly in the US. AER engaged The Trust Network to sort it out.



Our analysis indicated that AER’s dealer penetration was too little.  The brand needed greater resource behind its US distribution to have its growth in the States match its growth outside the States and to begin to reflect the market-leading status that AER had achieved in the acoustic amp market internationally.



Alongside the research carried out to find suitable distributors to handle the range of acoustic amps, Trust Network worked on spreadsheet analysis on the current AER pricing in North America. SF Marketing in Canada was identified as a company that also had a growing business in the USA through its wholly owned subsidiary, Musiquip. This lead to discussions opened with SF Marketing President and VP of Sales.



A meeting was arranged for the upcoming Frankfurt show where Steve White demo’d the product to them.  SF was blown away by the acoustic quality. We were delighted with SF Marketing’s reaction and after further discussions that was handled by The Trust Network, new US and Canadian distributors were secured.



Distribution begun in 2009, and five years later this partnership that we put together still continues to prosper.