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Levys guitar straps distirbution China



Levys guitar accessories distributor China


Distribution countries

Germany  |  Italy  |  Japan  |  USA  |  China  


As was the case at that time with many Western brands, Levy’s distribution was handled by a manufacturer.
The challenge was to search and find a company that was seeing the growth of China’s domestic consumer market and dedicating itself to creating a business model focused purely on distribution.

Our research drew up a short list of a mix of companies, manufacturers, distributors and mixtures of the three.

It was back to First Principles in identifying and qualifying who among the short list had the key attitudes, elements and strategy vital for building a successful distribution business into the future. One of the smaller candidate companies showed evidence of these traits. Their name was Ivan Music. Despite our work resulting in offers from much larger companies offering much larger commitments to distribute Levy’s, we recommended they go with Ivan Music. This Levy’s did.

Levy’s business was immediately put on a much higher level, and in the seven years since, Ivan Music has grown to be a significant force in the domestic distribution music business in China. Taylor Guitars were one of the earliest other major brands to also entrust Ivan Music with their peerless guitar brand after seeing Levy’s entrust their peerless guitar strap brand to them.