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Sales had been declining for some years in Australia.  Hardcase asked Trust Network to find out why and what to do about it.  Our work revealed issues with the current distributor that would always be a block on sales.  So a change of distribution was recommended. 


Trust Network maintained the goodwill of the current distributor during the course of our work to put new distribution in place.  This ensured there was no damage to the good names of Hardcase and the distributor. 

It also meant there was no disturbance to Hardcase in the Australian market.  When the new distribution began there was seamless continuity of supply to the music dealers.


Trust Network carried out extensive research and produced a short list of suitable Australian distributors in the musical instrument market.  We then executed the work of approaching the key decision makers in each, having them undertake their own due diligence to confirm for themselves the great potential for Hardcase that existed.   Detailed negotiations were then entered into which resulted in Electric Factory PTY Limited becoming Hardcase’s new Australian distributor. 


Electric Factory was already one of the fastest growing outfits in the distribution of musical instrument in Australia.  Today they remain a major force in the continent’s music industry and continue to be a very successful distributor for Hardcase, some 12 years after Trust Network brought both companies together.