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Hardcase drums distribution 


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As Hardcase matured as a brand, the marketing of the product by the Hardcase distributors became more important.  Germany’s sales had been dropping behind the rest of the world.  Trust Network’s research identified that lack of marketing and incorrect price-positioning – which itself reflected a lack of understanding of the of the market position of Hardcase - were the causes. 


We began our research to identify alternative distributors who were particularly strong in the marketing of their brands.  Having identified suitable candidates, we then had to persuade the companies to invest strongly in the marketing of Hardcase as well as in its inventory.  This was all achieved.  New German distribution was established with Roland Meinl GmbH.  They re-positioned the pricing of Hardcase and invested heavily in its promotion.  For over 12 years now Meinl has continue to grow the business and brand of Hardcase in Germany.